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Calendar of Events

Calendar of upcoming grazing-related events throughout the Chesapeake region—pasture walks, Grazing Schools, conferences, field days, etc.

Download a PDF of the 2023 Consumers' Guide to Pasture Based Meats & Dairy and calendar.


Bay Friendly Farming: The Benefits of Stockpiling Fescue

When grazing cattle, stockpiling grasses like tall fescue has benefits for the farm and leads to cleaner water. CBF's Alston Horn discusses the practice with Bobby Drumheller of Bellevue Farm in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

How to Successfully Fence Cattle Out of a Stream and Create a Forested Buffer

Preventing cattle from moving through streams can dramatically lower bacteria levels in a stream and improve overall health of waterways. This video highlights the steps taken by a farmer in Staunton, Virginia who sought to fence his cattle out of the stream that runs through his property, as well as install a forested riparian buffer along the stream's banks.

Virginia Forage and Grassland Council

The Virginia Forage and Grassland Council presents a short video highlighting Ronnie Nuckols discussing his journey as a grazing demonstration cooperator over the last few years.

In this video, "A Step by Step Approach to Building Pasture Productivity and Soil Health," Ronnie explains where he started, the challenge to change, how he transitioned to grazing management, and how he uses different forages along with grazing techniques to accomplish his production goals while building soil health.

Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition

The Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition collaborated with Capital RC&D and graziers throughout Pennsylvania, to produce four videos highlighting important topics within the grazing community.

Farmers to the Bay: Building Bridges

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has been leading Farmers to the Bay trips for more than a decade, building bridges between farmers from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia and watermen, cementing a lasting connection with the waters of the Chesapeake.


4 the Soil: A Conversation

Episode 22-15: Keeping Water Clean: Farm by Farm, Lawn by Lawn with Matt Kowalski of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
CBF Watershed Restoration Specialist, Matt Kowalski speaks with Jeff Ishee and Eric Bendfeldt from the podcast 4 the Soil: A Conversation about soil health and water quality.

Graziers Grapevine

Podcast from the Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition.

Reportsand Other Resources

Farm Forward

White Paper: How Chesapeake Bay farms can improve water quality, mitigate climate change, create a more resilient future, and support jobs and local economies.

Project Summary: Promoting Rotational Grazing in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and Quantifying the Environmental Benefits

This report summarizes findings from a USDA grant-funded project that estimated the greenhouse gas, soil health and water quality benefits of converting to rotational grazing systems.

Application of ADOPT (Adoption & Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool) to Identify Factors Influencing Adoption of Rotational Grazing

ADOPT is a tool developed by social scientists in Australia designed to provide insights to the importance of various factors influencing the adoption of a particular agricultural practice. CBF held three workshops (one each in MD, VA and PA) to run ADOPT. Workshop participants were local experts e.g., staff from local soil conservation districts, extension, and/or NRCS that work with producers on grazing. The reports contain a summary of the workshop results and recommendations that, if implemented, could lead to greater adoption.

Fostering Conservation on Leased Lands


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